This website is a blog.  It’s a trip journal.  It’s whatever it becomes.  The initial impetus to set it up is to track Cheryl’s and my trip for 90 days through Southern Africa.  After that, who knows?

My name is Josh.  I’m married to Cheryl.  We live in Johannesburg and love to travel when we can sneak away from real life.

I’ve been fortunate to have traveled rather extensively throughout my life, having lived when I was very young in Japan and a little later in Belgium.  Now I live in South Africa, all after being born and living off and on in the US.  I’ve taken long trips to Mexico, Peru, Ecuador, Tanzania/Uganda and Madagascar with a bunch of shorter sojourns in between.  This trip will take us to Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Malawi.

I hope to be able to update this blog as we go along. Not sure how often we’ll have an internet connection though so expect a couple of posts at a time as we go along.  Hopefully we’ll have a few guests posts too.