Med kits

I’m not sure why I chose this as the first post about the trip but you’ve got to start somewhere I guess.

Maybe it’s just to placate our moms.  We’ve thought this stuff through.

Med Kits

We’ve got an emergency med kit (green), our non-emergency med kit (orange) and then a lot of other stuff that’s not even in the photo.  We have pain killers, nausea meds, cold meds, prescription meds, burn kits, diarrhea stoppers, re-hydration salts.  We’ve got band-aids coming out the wazoo (plasters for our South African readers). Hopefully we never need any of this stuff but we’ve got it just in case.  In case something worse happens that we can’t handle ourselves our health insurance has emergency medical evacuation from everywhere we’re going back to South Africa for treatment.

When it comes to medicine the question I get the most often is: what are you doing about malaria?  It’s a question that every longer term travel to these area thinks of.  For us, the prospect of taking malaria medicine every day (or every week) for three months just doesn’t sound like a good idea.  When we went to Mozambique for a week, we took it.  This trip, we’re not going to.

Instead of malaria medicine we’ve packed a bunch of malaria test kits and the prescription drugs that you are given once you’ve got it.  We’ve both seen the effects of malaria on people and the effects of the preventative medicine. (When I was in Madagascar I got sick from it every week and a few people taking the medicine on our program got malaria anyway.)  We’ve decided treatment is a better course of action for us.  That and a lot of bug spray…

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