Let the updates roll!

I know there haven’t been any updates in a while.  I keep getting reminded by email and Whatsapp (It’s great to know at least some people are reading this besides my mom!)  We’ve had some very slow and intermittent internet (and no internet or cell phone for 7 days in the middle there but that’s a story for later) but it just hasn’t been fast enough to make any updates.  It turns out the wordpress.com website that I am using to power this blog is quite a cumbersome website and makes fun of me when I try to connect on a slow connection.

This morning, back in Rundu, I find myself on a decent connection and ready to upload.  The first post today will be about Etosha National Park.  We were there almost 2 weeks ago now so it is a bit old but still worth relating.

From there we made a quick stop in Swakopmund before embarking on a 6 night adventure of Tolkien-esque proportions.  This is a tale so legendary that it can not be told in one blog post.  In fact, each day was so unique and exceptional that it must be told in 6 separate posts.  We encountered mud, water, sand, dry desert, lush gardens, steep rocky slopes, flowing plains, massive herds of oryx, springbok and zebra, and desert-adapted lions and elephants.  All this in 6 days through the desert.  6 nights without electricity and water (let alone internet or cell phone coverage.)  6 nights in the true wilderness.

But first, Etosha and Swakopmund.

I hope you enjoy.

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