Internet connected again

It is the first time we’ve had internet since the first day we left.  I had written 8 or so blog posts in word while we’ve been away and I had visions of uploading them all this morning and releasing them one at a time over the coming days.  Alas, this is not meant to be.  The connection is too slow for pictures to upload and I keep getting timed out.

One post seems to have worked.  Only two of the pictures are joining it but it should be here tomorrow.  We’ll see.

After an hour and a half of being unsuccessful it is just not meant to be.  We also just realized that our drive today is closer to 7 hours then 3.5 like the GPS told us.

Maybe we’ll have internet tonight.  Maybe not. If not, it won’t be for another 9 days as we are off into the Central Kalahari.  Don’t worry though, all of the posts I intended to upload will get uploaded at some point.

Time to hit the road.