A long day

Up at 5AM after the late night. It’s now 10:30pm and we finally arrived where we set off for, Strelly House, 2 hours north of Gweru (where we successfully met the guy with our 20kgs of meat at a gas station and loaded it all our freezers.)

Besides that, only a couple of stops for diesel, a 3.5 hour boarder crossing into Zimbabwe which included waiting in 8 different lines at 5 different desks requiring 9 stamps and/or signatures and 4 people with very thin patients. Throw in a couple of police check points along the way along with a few hours of rain and all in all we did pretty well for ourselves. Now it’s time to sleep.

Don’t expect any more updates for a while. Tomorrow we are in Mana Pools and we’ll have no internet. Plus I don’t want to be spending the whole time on the computer. That’s not the point of this trip.

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