Setting Off

Our goal was to leave work by 2, leave Joburg by 3:30. After stressful weeks tying everything off at work to Cheryl and I that meant “if we leave by 5pm we’ll be happy…” To Micahel and Lisa, our German regimented travelling companions that meant “if we leave by 3:30 we’re already late…” We left at 4:30. We were pumped. Michael and Lisa felt we were already behind schedule.. We immediately hit traffic.

We won’t miss this…


Now we are off for a 3 day drive to Mana Pools. I write this from the car just North East of Gabaronne in Botswana. The drive last night was relatively uneventful. The boarder was surprisingly efficient with some of the friendliest immigration officials we’ve come across since we’ve moved here. Maybe this will be a trend on this trip. Wishful thinking?

Our itinerary for today: 430km to go to Francistown, then onto the Plumtree boarder post to cross into Zimbabwe. We drive through Bulawayo and attempt to avoid the many police checks we are anticipating before getting to Gweru. Here the main event occurs. We pick up roughly 20kg of meat from the butcher. Pre-ordered and vacuum packed. It’s about time we fill up this freezer. We’ll do a quick shop for vegetables and bread then decide to either spend the night in Gweru or continue for two hours north. Depends if we have daylight.

Tomorrow it’s up to Mana Pools where the wild begins. I have visions of sipping a G&T as the sun goes down over the Zambezi. Then I’ll feel like I’m finally on vacation…

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