Mud in Mana

Our drive in was epic with water and mud constantly splashing up and over our wind screen. After that we came across mud hole after mud hole. Some of them had ways around. Some didn’t. Some had ways around the original ways around which had become mud holes of their own. One such place an official game vehicle (driven by actual rangers) got stuck. I pulled them out. I told you we had become experts…

IMG_0203 (2)

Not sure if this was a mud hole or a river. Made for interesting driving either way.

IMG_0297 (2)

One mud hold had a lion in front of it


IMG_0401 (2)

Sometimes you’ve got to get out of the vehicle to check the best way through. This one we banged our rear bumper hard. Found out later that day someone else went through and cracked their bumper. We came out unscathed.


With no rain the roads dried over the 6 days. The mud became hard. Now instead of mud we had ruts. Deep ruts. These were just as difficult as the mud. I learned to drive slow so as to avoid the dagger eyes from my passengers after the bumps caused heads to bang against the side of the car. Slow was better.

IMG_0670 (2)

Going slow over these was a better idea.

IMG_0466 (2)

Our Hilux got a bit muddy too. You should have seen underneath when I cleaned it after we got out.


IMG_0549 (2)

Nothing to do with mud.  Just a road.


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